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Frequently asked questions

Which is your preferred application method?

You can apply via e-mail or our online application form. If you do not have access to a web-enabled computer you are also welcome to send your documents via mail. Regardless the method you choose to apply, we are looking forward to your application.

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What do you understand by a complete application?

To be able to assess your application in the best way possible, we require your cover letter, resume as well as any other relevant documents, such as qualifications, diplomas and certificates.
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Whom should I send my application to?

Please address and send your application to our Recruiting Team. In the respective job advertisement you can find your personal contact for the position you are interested in. Besides our colleagues are happy to answer any questions you might have beforehand via the phone or e-mail:

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Can I also apply for assignments at foreign locations?

Specific customer projects may involve a temporary international assignment but these are the exception rather than the rule. If you are interested in a long-term international assignment, we recommend that you apply directly with our parent company - the Assystem Group.
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Can I also submit an unsolicited application?

Yes, you are very welcome to do so. We are constantly looking for motivated and qualified colleagues. However, please feel free to check our job vacancies first, maybe you find a suitable position.
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Will I get a confirmation of receipt after submitting my application?

Yes, you will receive a timely confirmation that we received your application. Our preferred means of communication is e-mail, and we will send confirmations of receipt as well as confirmations for interview appointments via e-mail. Therefore, please check your inbox and, if necessary, your spam filter.
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How soon can I expect your feedback concerning the status of my application?

Since your application is screened by both our recruiting team and the responsible team manager, we cannot make a general statement. You can usually plan with up to two weeks of processing time. However it is of course in our own interest to process your application as quickly as possible. In some cases we may need a little more time due to illness, vacation, etc. If that is the case with your application please do not interpret this as a lack of quality of your application or our interest. We kindly ask you for your patience while we are processing your application.
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Is it possible for me to get a status update during the processing of my application?

Yes, this is always possible. If we take more time for your application without giving you a short status update, please contact our recruiters by e-mail or phone. They will be happy to help.
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During which application periods can I apply?

We do not have specific application deadlines. We look forward to your application all year round.
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What if I am interested in more than one position offered in the organization?

We principally recommend that you to single out your favorite among our job offers and then apply for that position. Please feel free to mention in your cover letter, which other positions you are interested in. In a personal interview, we then discuss together the ideal position for you.
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Can I apply as a lateral entrant?

Absolutely! Lateral entrants and career changers are always welcome, if your qualifications and experiences in other industries generally match our requirements. There are merely three things that we expect from each of our employees: technical understanding, team spirit and pleasure in shaping one's own success. Please note that some positions may require a certain experience, knowledge or certification and are therefore not available for career changers. Nevertheless, we look forward to receiving your application!
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How does the application process work?

After receiving your application, your data will be entered in our web-based recruiting system. At this point the recruiting team will perform a first screening of your application. To help us get a better understanding of your qualifications we may request additional documents or discuss a few open points. During the second step the respective department screens your application and decides whether a personal interview will take place. Our recruiting team will then contact you to arrange an appointment. In the interview with the team manager, you can discuss all pending issues and possible positions of interest to you. At this occasion you will also have the chance to individually agree on the next steps. Following the interview, you receive a timely feedback from us.
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Will you reimburse traveling expenses concerning the interview?

We will gladly reimburse your traveling expenses concerning the interview for distances of 51 km or more (one way). We will refund the expenses of the round trip with the cheapest means of transport, up to the cost of the fare for a train ride (2nd class). If you travel by car, we will reimburse the currently tax-free lump sum up of EUR 0.30 per kilometer driven directly between your home and the place of the interview, but maximum up to the value of a train ride (2nd class). For distances greater than 500 km, we ask you to discuss your travel itinerary with us individually. Additional costs such as allowance or loss of earnings cannot be refunded. To claim the reimbursement of your traveling expenses we will attach a form to your confirmation of the interview appointment. Please keep all the original receipts of your traveling expenses.
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